Eitan Bismut
Eitan Bismut was the first full love connection. Eitan and Raphael met at Midnight at begining of 21st century. (The Year 2000). It was "love at first sight". The connection lasted 4.5 years. It finished June 2004. In this page, you can view Eitan's photo during their first period of meeting, realistic and expressive paintings that Raphael painted in the first year of their relationship.

The series of paintings that are below is part of 50 realistic works that depict Eitan's beauty and emotion that caused excitement that was the glue of the relationship. It was the love and connection with Eitan that inspired Raphael's naive works and paintings that deal with gay couplehood and the queer family.
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raphael boyfriend oil on canvas painting
Eitan Bismut -- The former boyfriend of the painter, Raphael Perez
This painting was the first work that was completed during the first week of the budding relationship between Eitan and Raphael.
Eitan sleeping on bed oil painting
"Eitan sleeping on bed.", March 2000
190cmX120cm. For sale.
Red room, man on man on bed
"Red Room", 2000
Oil on Canvass, 110cmX180cm. For Sale
male image Eitan with Blue Shirt
man image Eitan with tank-top
"Eitan with Blue Shirt ", June 2000,
Acrylic on canvas 80cm X 190cm, private collection

"Eitan with tank-top", 2000,
Acrylic on canvas 200cm X 150cm, private collection

man pic boyfriend eitan 

on bed oil on canvas painting
"Eitan on bed", 2000
195cmx90cm. Oil on Canvas. For Sale
Famous Artworks From the period with Eitan
During the 5 years of connection between Eitan Bismut and Rapahel Perez. Raphael perfected more
than 350 original oil and acrylic paintings, you will see below some of the more popular paintings
gay pool happy queer  daily life
Gay Pool 2000, Acrylic on canvas, 200cmX150cm, private collection
gay peeing, queer daily life
gay couple peeing , queer daily life
couple peeing , Acrylic on canvas

"couple peeing, Acrylic on canvas

gay love on balcony
The Balcony , 2001 , Acrylic on canvas, 120c"mX80c"m Private Collection
gay balcony on tell aviv, queer family
gay street, gay ghetto
Queer family on Balcony 2004

"Gay Street 2004

Israeli gay portrait
Israeli gay portrait, Acrylic on canvas 2004, private collection 140c"mX110c"m
gay family on dinner
queer family , gay generation
Gay Family 2000

"gay generation 2001

gay daily life
gay daily life 2000, Acrylic on Canvas, 195c"mX90c"m , Private Collection
Israel gay portrait  famous queer israeli guys
lesbian gay art , painting of famous lesbains women
Israel Gay Portrait

"lesbian portrait

gay love kissing
gay kissing 2001, Acrylic on Canvas, 12oc"mX80c"m, Private Collection

realism artworks paintings by raphael perez

Raphael Perez - realistic painting

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