Raphael Perez- Gay Art Video

man and women drawings (video)
man and women drawings (video)

Male Female Drawings(website)
Raphael Perez Working with kids (video)
Raphael Perez Working with kids (video)

Eearly Naive artworks (pictures)
It's great to work with kids ! The smaller they are, the freer and more creative… This series shows drawings, books and diaries with the child's perpective that conveys feelings, including feelings of intense pressure from older adults.
gay art auction (video)
gay art auction (video)

Funny video follow the artwork :
Male underwear (pictures)
Acrylic on canvas , 170X40 c"m
expressive portrait drawings  (video)
homosexual erotic drawing (video)

Erotic male drawings on diaries and books. (website)

Story Pictures--Paintings that contain a plot (video)
story pictures (video)

Relationship 220X120 c"m , oil on wood(pictures)
In this period of early artworks, I built my pictures to have something to tell the viewer. I place the conflict between naive and realistic style.
Raphael Perez working with kids, movie from beduin celebrate
Raphael Perez Working with children (video)

Photos from age 3 to 40 years-old (pictures)

gay sex drawings (video)
gay sex drawings (video)

Erotic gay Drawings (website)
These paintings were conceived during a nine-month period of a fully sexual relationship. I was ready to take the connection to a love-relationship, but the other guy just wanted sex and nothing more.
Raphael's signature artworks (video)
Raphael Signature Film(video)

Pictures of Raphael's signature artworks
Male Giving Birth - funny gay movie (video)
Male Giving Birth(video)

Male giving birth (artwork) (pictures)
Acrylic on canvas, 110X90 c"m

realism gay paintings by rafi peretz

more 10 gay art video  Front page of Raphael Perez website more 10 gay art video naive gay paintings by the painter raphael perez

Raphael Perez
realistic aintings

Raphael Perez
Naive Paintings