Raphael Perez- Gay Art Video

Gay Icon Israel (video)
Gay Icon Israel (video)

Realistic Paintings of Icon from the gay and lesbian Community in israel
Biographical and photographic self-portraits of the icons (pictures)
Eearly Naive artworks (video)
Raphael Perez Diary (video)

Eearly Naive artworks (pictures)
It's great to work with kids ! The smaller they are, the freer and more creative… This series shows drawings, books and diaries with the child's perpective that conveys feelings, including feelings of intense pressure from older adults.
gay men nude (video)
Gay naked males(video)

posing with expression and compassion
Realistic Paintings (pictures)
Expressive painting of male figure.
Painting on gay male ass (video)
Painting on gay male ass (video)

Funny video follow the artwork :
kiss my ass (pictures)
I draw with marker on gay porn magazine
expressive portrait drawings  (video)
Beauty Into Ugly (video)

Compare the paintings in the video to the actual pictures of Rafi's youth.(pictures)

Display of self-portraits of Raphael's youth problem with self-identity and sexuality. This was the period of self-hatred and sexual denial.
man woman paintings - masculine feminine sexual problem (video)
masculine feminine sexual problem(video)

Funny video follow the artwork :
Straight sexualized conflict tension(pictures)
Highlighting the sexuality in frustration and self-label sex identification and sexual reality.
gay art paintings - love ,happiness in homosexual relationship (video)
Gay love happiness in connection(video)

Visit the most popular works of ...
naive gay art (pictures)

Raphael Perez features his favorite naive homosexual images
coffeehouse with friends - art drawings  (video)
coffeehouse with friends (video)

You are invited the website of

Man and woman couple in primitive style drawings (pictures)
lesbian art paintings (video)
Lesbian paintings (video)

Lesbian Relationship in paintings :

Lesbian couple (pictures)
drawings of couples man woman (video)
Naive drawings of straight couples (video)

Check the artworks :
Naive Drawings (pictures)

realism gay paintings by rafi peretz

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Raphael Perez
realistic aintings

Raphael Perez
Naive Paintings