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Naive Paintings
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Realism paintings
drawings sketches diary images by Raphael Perez
Books and Diaries
gay picture stories, art story of Rafi Peretz
Gallery 1:Realism art , Two men , Man , Man&Woman , Two Women , Woman , Portrait
Gallery 2:Red art , Sitting man , Man from Behind , Man in bed , Man on chair , Couple in the park , Man looking
Gallery 3:
Naive paintings , Couple in love, Couple in the bath , Married men , Men in games , Soldiers , Two men runnig ,Couple on chair, Couple looking , Couple peeing , Man giving birth
Gallery 4:
Other subjects ,  Flowers , Still life , Lions , Paris , Flower watercolour , Flower-drawing , Oil-painted flower , Street
Gallery 5:
Drawings , Painter and model , Couple with still life , Man near window , Man and woman in Bed , Naked female , Hand , Portrait drawing , Naked self-portrait , Color paper
Gallery 6:

Erotic , Two Men having sex , Two men in bed , Kiss my ass , Gay flag-paintings , Gay flag-color , Erotic drawing , Sex Drawings , Sex and Love
Gallery 7:Books and Diaries , Children drawing , Notebook , Abstract , Rodin as a child , Dark drawing , My drawing with kids , My parents , Diary , Animals , Kiss between man&woman , Emotion energy
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